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Product Name Bouti Gua Sha
Product Summary Lifting, Sculpting, Relaxing
Overview Boutijour's ceramic gua sa made of natural white clay. It not only lifts the jaw line and the nasolabial line, but also gently loosens the tense muscles in various areas such as tired eyes, scalp, shoulders, and legs. Relieve the heaviness and stress and refresh yourself with a relaxing massage that relieves fatigue. Packed with cotton pouch.
Price $65.00
White Clay
Contouring & Relaxing Therapy
Bouti Gua Sha is designed to sculpt and massage the skin, helping remove toxins from the face, head and body.

Multifuntional Facial & Body Massage
Bouti Gua Sha is made entirely of high quality ceramic (white clay). Two unique and carefully designed pressure bumps can be used for the jawline, facial lines, neck, scalp, and eye area.



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